My Happy Place

Story Behind The Song

When life isn't treating you right, you can go to a happy place.

Song Description

The most beautiful place on earth...your happy place!

Song Length 3:36 Genre Pop - Dance, Pop - Classic
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Welcoming, Blissful Subject Paradise, Happiness
Similar Artists Justin Timberlake, Adam Levine, Pharell Williams Language English
Era 2000 and later


My Happy Place
By Randy Bishop (ASCAP),
©2017, Rokit Music

Whenever I
Start feelin' blue
There is just one thing
That I can do
Close my eyes
And sail away
To a beautiful place
Where lovers play
C'mon, I'll take you there
And we'll never have a care
So hey, let's go...

Chorus 1:
To my happy place
Where everything is right
Where the sky is blue
And the sun shines bright
A place where all
Our dreams come true
Love that look on your face
That sweet look on your face
In my happy place

Another day
Wastin' my time
Makin' small talk
And standing in line
Wishin' that I
Could make an escape
Take you along
To the magical place
That always makes me smile
So, come along for a while

Chorus 2:
To my happy place
It's like paradise
An ocean breeze
Cool drinks on ice
Plenty of time
To set our own pace
And every worry gets erased
Yeah, every worry gets erased
In my happy place

No more stress or mixed emotions
Just the joy of love and hope
And every minute that we get to spend here
Is one less minute that I have to cope
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Chorus 3:
In my happy place
On a summer night
When a thousand stars
Make the perfect light
You're my fantasy
In satin and lace
There's a smile on my face
Yeah, a big smile on my face...whoa, whoa
In my happy place

End: Yeah, it always makes me smile
My happy place

Lyrics Randy Bishop Music Randy Bishop
Producer Randy Bishop Publisher ©2017, Rokit Music
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