Rock and Roll Band

Song Description

The life of a rock 'n roll band

Song Length 3:41 Genre Rock - Classic, Rock - Americana
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Welcoming, Cheerful Subject Party, Instruments
Similar Artists Tower of Power, Blood Sweat and Tears Language English
Era 1970 - 1979


Rock and Roll Band

By Steve Burdette & Randy Bishop (ASCAP)
©2021, Rokit Music

We started like so many
In a basement playin' loud
With some old guitars and a set of drums
All we needed was a crowd
We'd practice our music from morning till night
Makin' sure that it sounded right
Then we'd rock our local high school
'Cause our band was soundin' tight

We'd take the stage
Guitars in hand
To meet some girls
Was all we planned
Yeah, the world was waitin' in line for a rock n' roll band

The dream to be a rockstar
Took longer than we planned
We drove around from gig to gig
In a worn-out Chevy van
Our tips were tossed in a Mason Jar
And we didn't know if we'd ever go far
But we never stopped believing
In our dreams and that guitar

And now we play
Just for the fans
Rock the rafters
Because we can
Yeah, the world's is waitin' in line for a rock n' roll band

We're makin' good vibrations
And that's why we say
Music's good for the soul
So why waste a day
Yeah, that Hammond sure excites the crowd
Whenever the organ man plays

We've still got the need to rock
Yeah, it's in our blood
Gonna cover you up in a New York minute
Like a Texas flood
So close your eyes and think back when
It was live and loud in that old school gym
We cranked it up till it fried your ears
And now it's been so many years

So we still play
Without a plan
Just make our music
Because we can
Yeah, the world's still waitin' in line for a rock n' roll band (repeat)

Lyrics Randy Bishop & Steve Burdette Music Randy Bishop & Steve Burdette
Producer Randy Bishop & Steve Burdette Publisher ©2021, Rokit Music
Performance Randy Bishop & Steve Burdette

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