Song Description

Story about the infamous Fairy Tale character.

Song Length 3:31 Genre Rock - Classic, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Enchanting, Tense Subject Worry, Danger
Similar Artists Styx, The Tubes Language English
Era 2000 and later


By Steve Burdette & Randy Bishop (ASCAP)
©2022, Rokit Music

Yeah, he's comin' around,
Just to shake you down
Don't sell your soul when he offers you some gold
'Cause he'll take you to the cleaners
Make you think the grass is greener
Suck the life out of your party everyday
And in the middle of the night
He'll fill your dreams with fright
So listen to me children when I say....

Go back where you've been
Hidin' under that rock outside of town
You'd best be leavin'
Or else, you're gonna go down

That guy's just evil
Around since days medieval
Makin' deals and stealin' what he can
Yeah, he'll sneak into your tower
Try to take all of your power
Grab your jewels and maybe even your first born
And in the evenin' when you're sleepin'
He'll come in just creepin'
To steal all of your dreams, now you've been warned

His trick is turnin' straw to gold
'Causin' pain and heartache
And even though he may be old
He's still a rattlesnake, yeah yeah

There's somethin' 'bout that name
Yeah, it sounds a bit insane
All a part of that guy's crazy game
It's hard to fly under the radar
When his name blinks like a pulsar
So just be smart and never look his way
'Cause when it comes to all my friends
I tell 'em not to let him in
Make him take his lousy deal some other place

Yeah, you're gonna go down
Yeah, Rumpelstiltskin
Go back where you belong
Get out of my home
"Get on outta here now!"

Lyrics Randy Bishop & Steve Burdette Music Randy Bishop & Steve Burdette
Producer Randy Bishop & Steve Burdette Publisher ©2022, Rokit Music
Performance Randy Bishop & Steve Burdette

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