Every Christmas Night

Song Description

A modern day Christmas song with universal appeal... Enjoy!

Song Length 3:40 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Peaceful, Welcoming Subject Holidays , Healing
Language English Era 2000 and later


Every Christmas Night
Lyrics and music by RAW Boswin

I?ll be home for Christmas,
I?ll have an awful lot to say,
Like its funny how we wait until December
To put our swords away?

I will bring my presence,
I?ll leave behind my pride.
We?ll talk until we both remember?

On Christmas Night,
I will leave a candle burning bright.
Open up my arms and I will try.
?Til everything?s forgiven, and every little thing?s alright.
As long as we?re together Christmas Night? Yeah Yeah
As long as we?re together, Every Christmas Night.

I will bring my gift from you.
We?ll sing together like we used to.
Remember ordinary days,
Before we all moved away.

I swear I heard the angels in the choir,
Cuz? your smile is such a welcome sight
Again, its good to warm my bones beside this fire

Chorus as above +
As long as we?re together, Every Christmas Night.
Every Christmas Night.
Every Christmas Night.

© 2006 RAW Boswin
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Lyrics RAW Boswin Music RAW Boswin
Producer RAW Boswin Publisher RAW Boswin
Performance RAW Boswin, Olivia, Jordan and Carolin McBrien, Jay Burns, Sheri Young, and Nora Nemes (vocals) Brad Lindberg - Banjo Label LittleDitty.com
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