More Than A Notion

Song Length 3:47 Genre Jazz - Contemporary, Jazz - General
Lead Vocal Female Vocal


More Than A Notion
© Lar Duggan & Penny Towers Wilber

It's electric, Magnetic
I can't resist I'm pathetic
It's not just a mood swing
or the thrill of a new thing
It's more than a notion
It's true deep emotion
Yes I've got my sights set on you
When it enters my dream state
I wish I could sleep late
It's more than a notion

It's dynamic, exciting
Much more than inviting
It's not just a habit
If it is then I'll have it
It's more than a notion
It's a powerful potion
Nothing can stand in it's way
There's erotic true tension
Just thought I would mention
It's more than a notion

This attraction is out of control
Spinning on some cosmic roll
It has a life of it's own
From everything that I have heard
Infatuations not the word
to describe this magic we know

It's profound, its alluring
This passion is stirring
It's not just the sweet rush
of the start of a new crush
It's more than a notion
It's clear real devotion
I see the changes in me
when it takes me by daylight
My mood always feels right
It's more than a notion

You have my word
You have my heart
You have my soul
It's more than a notion.

Lyrics Penny Towers Wilber Music Lar Duggan
Producer Penny Towers Wilber (remastered by Protilius productions) Performance Penny Towers Wilber & Lar Duggan
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