Where the Sunshines Down Below (Live @ Ft. Lauderdale Song info

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sometimes if you try you can get naturally high to the point that the sunshines down below. love this view!

Song Length 1:00 Genre Blues - General, Blues - Delta
Lead Vocal Duet Male/Female Mood Enchanting, Peaceful
Subject Joy Language English
Era 2000 and later

I'm sorry but both the guitar and the vocalist are playing and singing in a flat key. Major tuning recommended. Not a bad song but difficult to enjoy in this recording.

I can tell the band works together....I realize it was done live...but the vocalist could be more confident...

Excellent live blues track.

Did you like specific instrumental parts--I love the vocal and the guitar
lyrics--I wanted more specifics in the verse and the hook in the chorus.
1) Does my intro make you want to hear the song? yes
2) Does my opening line draw you in and make you want to hear more? Yes
3) Is my melody interesting? At first yes but need more highs and lows to keep the listener interested
4) Does my melody get stuck in your head? somewhat
5) Does my chorus stand out and take the song to a higher place? no

The melody is good. Could have been instrumental.

Very good live recording. Sounds like you had the crowds attention!
Well done.

Love this groove. Keep it up!

Cool live blues tune. Decent job!`

Really enjoy the vibe this song puts out.

love the live recording, , good quality for live, love the slide work and all the guitar work really. Great song , great lyrics.

Song has a very warm feel to it.... very hypnotic and pleasing. Some nice guitar riffs between the vocal. Nice to hear a live recording after being stuck at home for so long. The female vocal parts are a nice addition, could have had more? The instrumental sections of the song are strong. Great how you stopped on the first bar of the last verse coming out of the guitar solo, that was a very nice dynamic moment.

Very well instrumented piece that is the very definition of the blues. Great guitar solo that is subtle but very rich. Very good sound for a live performance.

Great song, loved that is was a live recording but very professionally done. This would fit very well in a film when a band is performing in the background to give the scene a "true life" live music feel. Great blues tune.

Say, this has a CSN &Young feel to it.......one of my favorite all time groups, so this is an easy sell for me!! Great Job!! It sounds like a live performance, so that accounts for the fair recording sound of the material, but still sounds excellent! You people sound like Pros........Very Cool, can't wait to listen to more of your material!!!

Cool to hear a live recording here. Like the use of slide/steel, kind of blends in a bit of country influence into the overall blues feel.

Soulful, bluesy rock song. Live performance apparently. Nice vocals. Guitar style Steve Miller like.

A very good song, performance and recording... keep going!

Live recording of a very cool band playing an original love song. The strong point is the guitar and just the whole live groove of the tune.
These guys have a great feel for the blues. Awesome ending! Love the opening lyric "you don't know me but lady you I know"/glow - great rhyme.

The melody here was really nice. The beat works, the instruments work, in nearly every respect. It gives off a great bluesy mood with the pace and solid musicianship. Good songwriting going on here, though I might rate it a little higher if I could've heard the lyrics well.

Lyrics Patrick E. Muth Music Patrick E. Muth
Performance Pat Muth,lead guitar & vocals, Tim Muth,Bass guitar, Ashley Dykes, drums, Lisa Mills,vocals, Mark Zediak, guitar, Terry Reeves, Steel Guitar Recorded in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. July, 1997
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