The New World Order

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In WW II, the term "New World Order" was actually coined by Nazi General Heinrich Himmler. Things have not gotten any better with today's NeoCons, and this spells out why.

Song Length 4:22 Genre Country - Contemporary, Pop - General
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Power, Energy
Language English Era 2000 and later


The New World Order



If voting could change things, it would be illegal!
If you think the news is true, you?re dumber than a Beagle!
The Nazis gave up Germany, but didn?t lose the war.
It?s all so corrupt, the whole world?s become a whore!

The Earth is owned and run for thirteen families.
Governments exist to keep them hidden from you and me.
They came here long ago from out among the stars.
Created us as slaves to work their mines and cars.

People in other lands think: ?It?s the Americans!?
Democrats think: ?It?s the Republicans!?
They shift the blame so cleverly we never know what?s what.
It?s only their henchmen kickin? all our butts!

He who controls Energy, controls all the nations;
Through oil, central banks, and the corporations.
Technology exists that is centuries more advanced.
You think aliens are out in space; some of ?em live in France!

?Til we take our world back we never will have peace.
We?re played against each other for their luxuries.
Refuse to play their game, tell ?em where to go!
It?s time we stop being actors in their video.

Time heals all wounds and wounds all heels.
They think of us as cows to be butchered in their fields.
The time has come for mankind to stop being so stupid.
Learn what is the truth instead of worrying about Cupid!


They own or control everything on Earth.
Their agenda runs from Helsinki to Perth.
They engineer it all over national borders
Our world?s being raped and pillaged by the New World Order!

We?re all powerful Spiritual Beings with a Divine Destiny.
It?s up to us to make the change.
It?s time for History to turn the page.
For us to turn the page.

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