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ENERGY WARS by Millard

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
-Albert Einstein

As the price of oil rises to $71/barrel it is clear that we are in the midst of Energy Wars, which are controlled from behind the scenes by unknown and unseen hands.

What none of us was ever told in school is that the true currency of civilization is not money, it's ENERGY! The monetary system was developed primarily as an accounting system for Energy Exchanges in the broadest sense.

The powers-that-be are suppressing the use of more advanced technology in order to keep raising the prices of fossil fuels, and in doing so using it as an excuse to exert ever-tightening control over the people of the Earth. "He who controls Energy, controls the world".

Since technology follows physics, this implies the next evolutionary step for humanity is developing a much broader Spiritual and philosophical scientific theory of the nature of all Energy. This will ultimately lead to the development and use of gravitational forces and photon based energy fields as they implode to create matter from the vacuum of space, as a limitless all-powerful source of Energy that will allow the creation of a whole new civilization on Earth.... And elsewhere. But the Controllers are not at all willing to give up their control.

One of several reasons for the suppression of UFO information is that they don't want the question asked: "If those guys can zip around the universe without burning fossil fuels, why can't we?" -The truth is that research at the very highest levels into this kind of technology has been going on for over a century and the results are centuries in advance of anything you've ever heard of....

"A new scientific truth does not win acceptance by converting it's opponents and making them suddenly 'see the light'. But rather the opponents eventually just die off, and a whole new generation grows up that is simply familiar with it." -Max Planck

The Foundation I worked for once hosted a dinner in Palm Beach for one hundred of the top physicists in the world who were attending a conference in Coral Gables. The Guest of Honor was often called "One of The Fathers of the Hydrogen Bomb". According to articles in the underground press, he was also reputed to be the real life "Dr. Strangelove" who was the man in charge of all the US Government's highest level super-top-secret research programs.

I was sworn to be on good behavior and not ask our distinguished guest any embarrassing questions (that I was itching to ask).

So I told him that some years ago I had once heard a tape of a public lecture given by the Head of Intelligence for the US Air Force. And from that I concluded that the President and Vice-President probably did not have access to the levels of information that, say, he himself did.

Our guest became very agitated and replied, " Well. If you mean by 'access', COULD they have access to the information....Yes, I suppose they could.... Would they know what to ask about? Probably not. ...Would we necessarily tell them if it was not an urgent matter of National Security? -Absolutely Not!"

I had a very serious disagreement with my colleagues about including this last little anecdote in this book. But since then, the largest grossing movie of all time, Independence Day (ID 4) has come out, and has been seen by probably a couple of hundred million people world-wide. Part of the sub-plot of the movie revolves around the President not knowing about the considerable alien-related research and facilities that have been operating for over fifty years. So fellas, I think it's safe to say: The secret's pretty much out of the bag now, guys!

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