How Do You Know If She's the One?

Song Description

HOW DO YOU KNOW IF SHE?S THE ONE? This is a jazz-blues rhetorical question checklist song done with great blues guitarist, Steve Dennison.

Song Length 4:25 Genre Blues - Modern, Blues - Rock
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Sociable, In High Spirits
Subject Searching for Love, Marriage Language English
Era 2000 and later


How Do You Know If She?s the One?
Music by Steve Dennison, Lyrics by Millard May 21, 2005

My Mama said to me a long time ago
Son, how do you know if she?s the one?
Do you love her, do you like her
Does she make your whole body glow?
Do you respect her, do you trust her?
It?s a two way street you know.

You want to be the best man that you can
Would you give up your addictions to be her man?
Do you believe in each others dreams
Thinking of each other do your smiles gleam?
Could you create a good life with each other
Does she see you as father mentor and brother?

Do you like who she is, not just the shape of her breast
When you think about her do you feel she is the best?
When you dance together do you harmonize
Do you see God when you look into her eyes?
Does she tell you the truth without any lies
Do you love who she is even when she cries?

Is she your best friend, and are you hers?
Then there?s nothing that the two of you can?t endure
If you want to be happy, you better take it slow
There?s gonna be days you sing the blues you know.
Can you rely on her, is there nothing she wouldn?t do?
Would you treat her like gold even if she has the flu?

It?s the most important choice in your whole life
Is she the one you want to live with as your wife?
Can you see growing old in each other?s arms
Do anything necessary to shield each other from harm?
It?s the most important choice in your whole life
Is she the one you want to live with as your wife?

c. 2005 by MBD Ent. All Rights Reserved.

Lyrics Millard Music Steve Dennison
Producer Millard Performance Millard & Steve Dennison
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