Great Symphony Fun (Yippee! Made it into Top 10)

Story Behind The Song

(GUITARISTS READ LOWER) Great Symphony Fun: FROM A RECORDING STANDPOINT: This is made of 120 (short) layers (tracks). Not all instruments playing at once, of course. I sat down in the floor with an instrument and created the overall background music. It got so complicated I designed in AutoCAD a upper and lower row of a sheet for music four feet long plus 5 letters-size melody sheets. I had to learn where to place the orchestra instruments from studying the layout of real orchestras. Violins over here. Trumpets over here. French horns over here. And so on. FOR THE GUITARIST: Other than a few tracks, everything was played on the guitar. I am using a Roland GR-55 guitar synthesizer on a Fretlight guitar where the neck lights up to scales, etc. I wrote the background music as chords (triads & fancier). I know orchestras don't think in terms of chords/triads, but if you listen to Rick Beato teach on the Internet, you'll see orchestras can be thought of as chords/triads. HERE'S THE BEST: I purposely chose chords/triads (& fancier) that will not fit together in most music. I crammed chords/triads together against each other that normally will never work in any music except jazz and orchestral. Example: If you play a G chord, the world goes next to a C chord. I purposely smashed a G chord against a C# chord and back-and-forth a few times. And, continued into chords that do not harmonize with each other at all. They would sound terrible in any other music except jazz or orchestral. Imagine playing melodies against ever evolving chords/triads that refuse to stay in a set key. At one point I was working musically downhill and created harmonically what I needed for two chords. One chord I have never played in my life. It is an "A -9 aug5 sus4 w5". Over my head, I created it to fit the sound needed and played it. Looked it up later. I hope you enjoy it.

Song Description

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Song Length 3:43 Genre Classical - Contemporary, Unique - Soundtracks

I like the way song begins to build up right and the start and then become peaceful and then right back to a crescendo for lack of a better term. I like the special effects and the drums as well.

Interesting song. the choice of instruments is nice! I like how the instruments and the overall musical scenery changes.

Music Michael Hanson Cantwell
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Clean Clean

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