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Song Length 1:28 Genre Blues - Rock, Latin - Rock
Mood Tranquil, Content Similar Artists Santana

The guitar work sounds like the featured thing.

Best song yet

Nice, original piece with an interesting arrangement. Would make really good background for a lot of projects.

Jack up the volume and mix it better and it'll be a lot better

The recording quality, to me, lacks a certain "quality" that is not easy to explain. I hope the recording artist continues to record.

The bass was very good. The guitar had a very cool Spanish vibe to it. Nice touch!!! I like it!!!

Deconstructing the blues into it's most primal elements, which are pretty sparse to begin with, and reconstructing them as a sonic wash. Interesting and original at least. You may have a future in noise.

Love the guitar work, very nice, grabbed my attention right away. I enjoyed listening.

Music Mark Tha Shark Producer Mark Tha Shark
Publisher Mark Tha Shark Publishing Performance Mark Tha Shark
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