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Guitar Explosion

Song Length 5:34 Genre Rock - Hard Rock, Rock - Heavy Metal
Mood Content, Cool



Great sounding stuff. The guitar tones are terrific

Can't go wrong with a chugging guitar riff

nice tune great keep it up on your vibe just great

Right Off I thought SABBATH!!! The first Drum fill sounded great.
I Love a Good Jam Song that's kinda what you have here.
Nice Guitar Work.
Good Luck to you.

This song is very evocative. Even though it's hard rock, the melody has enough of a jazz field that I can understand it. It definitely belongs in a movie. I really like this song. A very professional sound. It gets the heart pumping faster and faster. Best of luck to you.

Good Guitar Hook, sticks in your mind! Great beat, super playing on the musician's part!! It sounds like it could play in a Video Game, Dragons & scary creatures....yikes!! I'm frightened already and I haven't even seen the video!! Although the tune is 5:34 seconds long, the composition doesn't feel like it!! The musical parts keep changing and the energy continues.......SUPER JOB!!

it remind me a mix of old style heavy metal, some in between death and old classic, it sounds like everything is nicely played, the guitar playing is nice, nice shredding. It's a bit of a constant red line, not necessary bad, but maybe some variations would catch more attention, anyway I liked it :)

Music Mark Tha Shark Producer Mark Tha Shark
Publisher Mark Tha Shark Publishing Performance Mark Tha Shark
Label Mark Tha Shark Publishing
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