You Make Me Feel

Song Length 2:54 Genre R & B - Soul
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Pleasant, Adorable
Subject Relationship Similar Artists Anthony Hamilton, George Benson
Language English Era 2000 and later


You make me feel
So much better
Each time
I see you

Tell me if this sound right
Nothing compares to you (Nothing compares to you)
I waited almost all my life
To fall in love with a woman just like you (To fall in love with a women just like you)

How many times
Have you heard (Have you heard)
These words before (These words before)
It shouldn't matter what you've heard

Trust and believe
Your deepest feelings (Your deepest feelings)
To grow in love with me

You make Me Feel
Better than the Last Time
Each Time I see You (Each Time)
You Make Me Feel
Like I'm Floating in the Moment
Every Moment is a Pleasure with You

So tell me if you still believe
The power vested in you (The power vested in you)
Your love has got me magnified
I'm so caught up in the rapture of your love (I'm so caught up in the rapture of your love)

A love expression
Full of compassion for us
I want live this everyday (I want to live this everyday)
No greater feeling than a spiritual healing
This is all that I have to say

You make Me Feel
Better than the Last Time
Each Time I see You (Each Time)
You Make Me Feel
Like I'm Floating in the Moment
Every Moment is a Pleasure with You

You make me feel
So much better

Copyright (c) 2013

love the track. nice tenor falsetto. be careful of being to busy vocally in the chorus.Since its so short I might need that hook earlier and stronger in the fade

The back ground singer was really good and it blended with your vocals very nicely. I loved the upbeat vibe on this was mixed well.

I felt the smooth groove and vibe on this track, real nice. The song kinda reminds me of a D'angelo track. The lyrics were excellent, as well as the hook. I enjoyed the chords of the keyboards, really meshed well with other instruments. Arrangement was great! Overall I believe that this track has a lot of potential.

I'm not an R & B fan, but I really liked your song. I liked the way you "stuck to your subject" and developed the idea creatively from verse one till the masterfully produced ending of the song. So many people give little thought as to how to END a song, but not you! The ending is great. I really liked the way you didn't just emphasize the physical aspect of attraction, but also the spiritual/deeper level. It added a depth to your song that many love songs lack. Vocals are excellent; instrumentation perfectly complements them. Great job, songwriter!

Loving the harmonies that creep in.

Love the overall production of the song ! Keep working hard .. love this track

It very sexy It make me fell better! js nice melody and pitch vocals are the bomb you all sound wonderful together! Thank you for sharing. Beautifully done!

Honestly speaking hottest, nastiest RnB I have heard. Still moved by track minutes after listening. Awesome vocals and arrangements

The artist reminds me a bit of D'Angelo - the instrumentation and quality of recording are both top notch - personally , I think those are what carry the track - great sounding mix and master - almost sounds like a bit of gospel wrapped in (in terms of the lyrics) - all around solid track that I can easily see getting radio play.

You have some really interesting instrumental things going on in the song. I like how the vocals come in and out at seemingly random places. Very Marvin Gaye=ish... the feel to this song has a lot of potential for me...

I think the vocals are excellent and the instruments all blend very well together - sounds like Marvin Gaye.

Smooth as silk, sweet as sugar, and sonically sound. This tune is ready to roll and grabs you from the first few beats.

The beat, vocals, production... it's working here.

And working in a real good way.

Cool intro leading to a dope groove when it kicks in. Lyrics are good and the harmonies are well done. The groove has me bouncing in my seat!! Really nice hook. I feel the funk. I really like the song and that's most important.

Very Nice. I loved it

love it bro sound like you had a good time recording that song.I like your style bro

Love the interesting solo - reminiscent of Marvin Gaye's What's Goin On. Great vocals. really nice multiple voice mixing.

Lyrics M.Williams (BMI) Music C. Bivins (BMI)
Producer C.Bivins (BMI) Publisher Tunecore Worldwide
Performance M. Williams (BMI) Label MW Music Group
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