Gradual Addiction

Story Behind The Song

Dave used the beginning of this as an intro to another song but later discarded it. I felt it was too good to throw away, so, together, we came up with this.

Song Description

It's a tragic situation, all this lovin' & libation

Song Length 4:04 Genre Country - Alternative, Blues - Country
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Troubled Subject Dysfunctional Relations
Similar Artists The Nasty Weather Band Language English
Era 2000 and later


Gradual Addiction
© 2015 David Charles/ Hank Thomas

She's oh, so bad, She's oh, so bad, She's oh, so bad for me

It started with a lick of the tequila from her lips
As she leaned into a passionate kiss

Seven Margaritas later, hotter than a radiator
Like a vice she locked me tight in her grip
But she's oh so bad for me, This drivin' thirst won't let me be
Ain't no casual affliction,
She's a gradual addiction
And she's oh, so bad for me

Lead- Short one

I was leavin' work at one just to grab another little taste
But I never get enough, Lord I can't keep up this pace
Like a junkie needs to main-line, I been walkin' on that fine line
Between love and insanity
Cause she's oh, so bad for me

Longer lead here ---

I been getting' home at three, Lord I love this Misery
But if I don't get some rest, It's gonna be the death of me
It's a tragic situation, all this lovin' and libation
Cause she's oh, so bad for me

She's oh, so bad, She's oh, so bad, She's oh, so bad for me
Ain't no casual affliction, She's a gradual addiction

And she's oh, so bad , she's oh, so bad, She's oh so bad

Good vocal; good country feel

Lyrics Hank Thomas/David Charles Music David Charles/Hank Thomas
Producer Hank Thomas Performance Hank Thomas-vocals--David Charles/guitars/dobro/harp
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