A Romeo and Juliet Thing

Story Behind The Song

True love between and older man and younger woman, breaking the conventional rules of society and not caring. Based on a true story.

Song Description

Kind of a humorous tongue in cheek look at true love overcoming age differences. This would be a great song for a dating site that targets a niche audience of mature males, or a TV show or movie focusing on unconventional relationships to do with age differences, or even gender differences.

Song Length 4:05 Genre Rock - Indie/Low-Fi, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood In High Spirits, Engaging Subject Relationship, Attracted, Crush
Language English Era 2000 and later


COPYRIGHT 2009 Cactus Joe Productions LLC and Joe Leonard

There's a Romeo and Juliet Thing going on.
When we're together everyone thinks that it's wrong.
Yes I know that I'm the same age as your mom.
But when we hang out it's the bomb.

I like punk rock. You like hip hop.
I was in high school in the 80s when you had your cradle rocked.
That maybe seems a...a little crazy.
But when I'm 85 you'll be about as old as me.

You are a bookworm. I am a rocker.
You're a genius for your age and I am still a baby talker.
What's the problem? Why don't they get it?
We know what we got, why does society reject it?


You like talking. I'm pretty quiet.
You eat what you want and I am always on a diet.
You have a coif. I do comb-overs.
But that don't seem to matter when we're underneath the covers.

You're a beauty. And I'm ugly.
But I notice that you fit me like a glove when we get snugly.
I do e-mail. You like texting.
But you always seem to read my mind, I find that interesting.



We go dancing. That sounds romantic.
Till you see me on the floor and I do all my crazy antics.
You pretend that - you don't know me.
But you're laughing on the inside, even though you can't condone me.

We both listened, to that musician.
On the street who knew what we were all about through intuition.
You like rocking, and now I'm rocking.
Holy crap I can't believe it, do we have something in common?



Great lyrics. Great Vocals. The instruments sound really neat. I like the change of mood when you go from the talking parts to the hook. Great work I love it.

good indie rock. really liked the lyrics very inventive. good style and melody.

Catchy tune. love the straight forward approach to the music in general. i can completely hear each instrument. It is nice to see the song not overproduced. feels raw like it should be.

Great cutting guitar tones drive a high energy rocker. Cool retro vibe with shades going back to The Jam or Elvis C. with the vocals. Great bass lines coming through as well. Stripped down to the essentials... good one!

music was tight, nice rhythm, fine bass work

Lyrics Joe Leonard Music Joe Leonard
Producer Cactus Joe Productions LLC Publisher Cactus Joe Productions LLC
Performance Guppy Effect Label Cactus Joe Productions LLC (independent)
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