I'm Allowed to Love You (LGBT or Q)

Song Length 3:24 Genre Blues - Rock


I'm Allowed to Love You (LGBTQ) © Glenn McColllum 2023

I got a secret that I won't tell
I think you already know it , so it's , just as well

There's a vibration humming in this allegation
I'm standing the dark and I swear I see a spark
Or is it only my imagination

I had enough cuz
I get, all.... tangled up but
I am allowed, to love you
If I want to.

I don't have to tell you
It ain't nothing that you need to know
I'm living in a cage and if all the world's stage
Then I'm a puppet in a puppet show

Enough is a enough
My strings get all....tangled up
But I am allowed to love you... if i want to

Well here goes the glide
However you identify
Love is between a me and you
LG...BT...or Q
We all need love to survive

Love is love
It should be easy enough
I am allowed to love you.

Lyrics Glenn McCollum Music Glenn McCollum
Producer Glenn McCollum Publisher Glenn McCollum
Performance Glenn McCollum

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