All Stand Together

Song Length 4:26 Genre Rock - Americana


All Stand Together © 2023 Glenn McCollum

I had a dream
I was riding in a sidecar
Wind all around me
It was black as night
In my head
The wild wind it told me
Aint no such thing as
Left or Right

Its time, its time its time
We all stand together

Next thing i know
Im wandering in the desert
Heat all around me
I am bathed light
And in my mind
The hot sun it told me
I am the one that makes you
Black or White

Its time......


When we sleep the world .. fades away
I know there's something we can all bring home today
One thing for sure is we ain't gonna fix it with hate

A boat tips over
And i'm swimming in the ocean
Taken in water like the fishes in the sea
In my head the rolling waves they told me
That i am the fish and the fish are me

Its time...

Lyrics Glenn McCollum Music Glenn McCollum
Producer Glenn McCollum Publisher Glenn McCollum
Performance Glenn McCollum

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