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Song Length 2:49 Genre Folk - Rock




When the whole world's got you down
And there ain't no one else around
You can vibrate to the sound of gratitude

Way beyond the universe
There's a plan that always works
You can never get hurt with gratitude

Gratitude is always thinking
What I'm appreciating
Focusing my attention
On What i have

Gratitude is always feeling
The gifts that i've been given
The things that keep me living
Even when i don't understand

Thats Gratitude .....

Even when the clouds are raing
Man it just so aggravating
Cant go outside for playing
All the things we wanted to do

It's time to start reframing
And stop all the complaining
And focus my attention
On everything i can choose

Thats Gratitude..

While the whole world's spinning round
There's a truth that can be found
You can vibrate to the sound of


Lyrics G. McCollum/ G.Sferlazza Music G. McCollum/ G.Sferlazza
Producer G. McCollum/ G.Sferlazza Publisher G. McCollum/ G.Sferlazza
Performance G. McCollum/ G.Sferlazza

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