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Song Length 4:29 Genre R & B - Contemporary, Pop - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Similar Artists Pink Language English
Era 2000 and later


Shut Your Mouth © Earl.C.Webb 16/7/2014

Don't say a word; just shut your mouth
I've already heard, so I don't need to know
I'm not feeling this, it won't be happening
You've said enough; so please let it go

I do appreciate you coming round
But don't ask me again, don't ask me again
I'm not listening I can't hear you

Shut your mouth, shut your mouth
Shut your mouth, shut your mouth
I don't want your tender touch
You've already said too much
Just let it go.... and shut your mouth

Keep your distance, that's near enough
We're about as close as we need to be
There's nothing in this, no nothing at all
So while you can, why don't you walk away?

I might have given signals I don't mean
So don't say it again, don't say it again
I'm not listening I can't hear you

Shut your mouth, shut your mouth
Shut your mouth, shut your mouth
I don't want your tender touch
You've already said too much
Just let it go.... and shut your mouth
And keep it closed, just bite your tongue, and shut your mouth

It's a one way conversation; it ain't going anywhere, and I don't have the inclination, so keep your stupid ideas to yourself

Shut your mouth, shut your mouth
Shut your mouth, shut your mouth
I don't want your tender touch
You've already said too much
Just let it go.... and shut your mouth
Keep it closed, bite your tongue, don't say a thing, it's gone far enough
Just shut your mouth

Beautiful voice and chords. Nice changes. Background vocals also right on. I love the clever lyrics in ballad form. Really makes it impactful. Huge amounts of soul dripping from every inch of this song. Organ sounds good too. Lovely song!

has a nice norah jones feel to this song

First I must say that I love the lead vocal and the accompanying piano. The vocal artist bleeds with passion and emotion which help without question bring the lyrical content to life. The lyrics are well thought out and provides a clear story for any listener. I thoroughly enjoyed the memorable chorus which also makes this song marketable in todays industry.

Lyrics Earl.C.Webb Music Earl.C.Webb
Producer Earl.C.Webb Performance Earl.C.Webb/ Rachael Hawnt
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