My mother was a choir director and she was able to read music,she started me on the piano, at the age of five. One day she heard me plucking away on an old beat up, one string guitar in the basement, and on my 13th birthday she bought me my first guitar. I bought a guitar chord book and I taught myself how to play. I was part of a high school band that me and my best friend formed, It was called Dynamic Soul...which featured Eddie Baccus's oldest son Kevin; he was very much into the Late Great "James Brown"...we would do little shows around town, but I guess my closest claim to fame was a small town in Liverpool Ohio. We were the talk of the town. Soon after this venture I began to feel disponded and became misdirected. My life was stagnant, I wanted to get away,I wanted to get free,I wanted to see the world!!!
One day I heard a knock on my door, it was a army recruiter, and so on my 18th birthday I joined the military and so as they say the rest is history, I hope you enjoy.....

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Bill Dake
over 30 days ago to Elester Steele

Elester, thanks for listening and reviewing "PHD". It was written in about 1984, so the lyrics might be a bit dated. They are on my Bjam site if you're interested. Thanks again,

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Kipjam Music Group
over 30 days ago to Elester Steele

Dear Elester: Thank you for your kind review of our song "I Want to Be Your Radio", it is really appreciated

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