Song Length 2:48 Genre Country - Americana, Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 2000 and later


OLD SKINĀ© Earl.C.Webb 28/4/2014

We could start a revolution
From the comfort of our chair
We could find the whole solution
Without going anywhere
We could re write the constitution
And would anybody care
We can't lose and we can't win
'Cause that's the shape we're in
That's the beauty of old skin

They don't lend and I don't borrow
Not long enough to pay it back
And if it all blows up tomorrow
Or just a simple heart attack
Sure there's a certain kind of sorrow
When you've taken up the slack
Though the chances would be slim
I would do it all again
To feel the beauty of old skin

They say life's goes slower when you're young
It's getting faster I'd agree
Just one more time around the sun
And that's another year for me

We don't get angry on the bus
When kids sit down and they won't move
'Cause we're too old to make a fuss
And we got nothing left to prove
One day they're be just like us
Then their life won't be so smooth
So we don't commit the sin
We just take it on the chin
That's the beauty of old skin

I love this song

I loved the tender tone of the song, you have a very nice voice.This was just a guitar version, but it would sound great produced. pretty song

A fine song of optimism and the knowledge garnered over a lifetime. Very poignant lyrics with a straightforward but apt guitar/mandolin arrangement that works very well. Overall a very clever and meaningful song performed with genuine feeling in a live situation.

I wish I had been in the audience. Great song. YOu really nailed it.

I liked the feel of this song. It had a nice melody and different sections flowed together nicely. I liked the guitar picking done in the accompaniment--certainly an ace player here. I liked the lyrics, they got me thinking. The singer had a nice voice which blended well, creating an overall nice effect. Considering that this was a live recording, I was most impressed with the guitar sound. How did you record it?

Wonderfully rendered, especially for a live performance. Simple but effective. This man is a master!

Well crafted and arranged. Nice vocal. Really nice. Some good lyrics and the lyrical hook is great. Nice melody.

Lyrics Earl.C.Webb Music Earl.C.Webb
Producer Earl.C.Webb Performance Earl.C.Webb
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