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One minute I'm sure, next minute I'm not. But then...........

Song Length 3:01 Genre Blues - General, Jazz - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Relaxed, Adorable Subject Happiness
Language English Era 1940 - 1949


LUCKY GUY Copyright - Earl. C. Webb

Baby, can I call you baby?
Can I call you mine? This canÃ?Â?t be for real
What if when I awake, itÃ?Â?s all one big mistake
And itÃ?Â?s just another crazy dream

But then those looks donÃ?Â?t lie
So if you asked me why
IÃ?Â?ll tell you, IÃ?Â?m a lucky, lucky guy

Sweetheart, can I call you sweetheart?
Pinch me, is it true, is this how it feels?
To be this much in love, your all IÃ?Â?m thinking of
My day begins and ends with you

So as each day goes by
I ask the reason why
Well, maybe IÃ?Â?m a lucky, lucky guy

But maybe IÃ?Â?m just fooling myself, keep asking myself
Why am I the lucky one? I must be

Crazy, tell me IÃ?Â?m not crazy
Tell me this wonÃ?Â?t fall
Apart at the seams
Those eyes that dance a while
That Mona Lisa smile
Girl you make pauper feel a king

You gave me wings to fly
And if you asked me why
Baby, IÃ?Â?m a lucky, lucky guy

Lyrics Earl.C.Webb Music Earl.C.Webb
Producer Earl.C.Webb Performance Earl.C.Webb
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