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This is the original version of the song Voicemail which was altered to meat requirements of a can a few years back

Song Length 3:46 Genre Rock - General, Unique - General
Tempo Multiple Tempos Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Heartbreaking Subject Worry, Breaking Up
Language English


She left me a voice mail
"Your the only man I've ever loved"
Was how it started
I knew right then
She was on the verge of leving me
Broken hearted
She went out last night
To be with her fiends
Her friends not mine
And we don't pretend
She looked so good
Enough to drive this man insane
Around her neck was dangling
My heart,on a golden chain
She an honest girl
She has no false facade
Not a malicous bone
But sometimes truth is hard
She's a spirit so free
She inspires trust
But my Achilles Heal
Was her innocence in lust
She left me a voice mail
She was on the verge of leaving me,
And then she went on to say

Love is a wonder
To be cherished
The moments we share
Can lift the soul
The now is to savor it with meaning
And Don't let regret or guilt
Take their toll

She left me a voice mail
You're the only man
I've ever loved
Was how it started
And my reply

Lyrics David C Perreault Music David C Perreault
Producer David C Perreault Performance David C Perreault
Label My Dime Records
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