Song Length 3:51 Genre Blues - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Bad Love Era 2000 and later


Sugar, so bad for me
But baby Oh so sweet
She's like peaches on a tree
Just too hard to reach
She says phone me anytime
Baby just give me a call
Now she's backing away
What did I say
I try to reach her and she puts up this wall
Sugar ,So bad for me
But baby Oh so sweet
She's too much insulin in my blood
She makes my knees go weak
All those things that are bad for me
Are the very things I seek
You know that peaches are never so sweet
As just when they're turning bad
I went to her home she wasn't alone
She left me dangling and holding the bag
Of peaches ,so bad for me, but baby oh so sweet
Repeat 1st verse

Lyrics David Charles Music David Charles
Producer David Charles Performance David Charles
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