Easy To Leave

Story Behind The Song

This song was written about a couple who were fighting with long term addiction . At one point the wife became ill because she was so weak from not taking care of herself. She ended up dying because she just gave up the fight and the will to live. She took the easy way out.

Song Description

A man sings about losing his wife. She had some personal issues along with addiction problems but instead of continuing to fight, she just gave up and let it take her.

Song Length 3:52 Genre Folk - Rock, Rock - Americana
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Lost Love Language English
Era 1990 - 1999


Could not have known what she meant to me
She would have stayed if she'd only seen
The world around me needed her to spin
A puzzles' whole when all the shapes fit in
A falcon soars through a turquoise sky
Released her heart-strings so she could fly
Now she roams those alabaster Peaks
I hope she found what she'd hoped to see

Refrain; Oh it's been so long
I had to be so strong
Nothins' right , but nothins' wrong
It's just the way to sing her song

She kept the hurt buried deep inside
I might have known if she'd only cried
But in her youth she learned at such a cost
Her mamma's love was'nt all she'd lost

So many roads make it easy to leave
The blowin winds take you off on a
But then the road finally comes to an end
Will you quit or maybe start again
repeat Refrain

Lyrics David Charles & Hank Thomas Music David Charles
Producer David Charles Performance David Charles
Label My Dime Records
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Playlist Creator Playlist Name Date Added
Hank Thomas 2016 6-Pack faves 5/5/2017
Hank Thomas Heaven & Earth 5/5/2017
Fin Kneeler / Polysex My Top Songs 8/27/2015

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