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This song is dedicated and written in memory of my late wife Cheryl who passed away November,6,1995.As Lovely as she was her name did not rhyme well So I used Sarah Because to me it is a very down to earth kind of name and my wife Cheryl was very real and down to earth.But I do hope to hold her and dance with her again .

Song Length 3:17 Genre Unique - General, Folk - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Poignant, Pleased
Subject Loneliness, Lost Love Similar Artists Jethro Tull
Language English


I once had a girl who danced with me
In her eyes and I could see
I'm the only one who'd be Dancing with Sarah
I danced with her when I could
So firm in my arms we understood
No cares at all
The world was good
Dancing with Sarah
I touch her flowing auburn hair
Eyes so green ,At me they stare
I'm lost in her,I have no cares
Dancing , with Sarah
And now it's all just memories
She's gone beyond where our eyes see
One day You'll look to the stars and see,
Me, Dancing with Sarah
I long to touch her auburn hair
To see the love within her stare
To give myself without care
Eternally, Dancing With Sarah

Lyrics David Charles Music David Charles
Producer David charles Performance David Charles
Label My Dime Records
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