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The lyric say it all Children are beautiful and are to be enjoyed.This song was inspired by my grandson who continues to surprise,amaze and entertain everyone he comes in contact with. "AHMYAS"

Song Length 3:59 Genre Rock - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Joyful


Joy Happiness Wonder
Loud Spontanious Thunder
1)When he looks at you
It's a matter of fact
He only knows truth
And you must give it back
He's the sun behind the clouds
of an overcast day
When you need it the most
He'll just shine away,and give us that
He's a student of life
Yet a teacher of the same
As he hones his instincts
He'll be guided not tamed
cause he's the sun behind the clouds of an overcast day
When you need it the most he'll just shine away
3)Can't you feel the joy
They bring into your life
It's such a wonder ,a miracle of life
You gotta love em,You gotta hold em tight now
We've gotta teach them it's everything that's right
They just want to know about everything they see
You can't hold back that spirit,no,no it's got to run free, you've got to let it run free
We brought them into this world
It's up to us to lead them strait
We've got to teach them about loving everybody
Don't ever let them taste that poison known as hate,Oh no
Oh Joy and Wonder,A miracle of life

These little hobbit like creatures that bring us so much joy,Hug them every chance you getand Let them know, that Happiness starts with loving yourself

Lyrics David C Perreault Music David C
Producer David C Performance David C
Label My Dime Records
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