Die With Me

Story Behind The Song

This was written as a submission to a movie,where a couple who is down and out financially decide to max out their credit cards and then commit suicide, kind going out with a bang..

Song Length 4:29 Genre Rock - Alternative


Will you talk to me?
Tell me your name ,I'll give you mine
We'll take it it sowly
We won't worry about time
Will you walk with me?
We can share each others
If it comes easily
We'll know that it was meant to be
You can smile with me
You can cry with me
Spend your life with me
When it's tome to set our spirits free
You can die with me
Will you look at me?
Let me gaze into your eyes
When you smile at me
You just make me want to try
Will you love me?
Give your heart cause you have mine
I give it easily
And you have it for all time
Reminisce with me
And we'll look at where we've been
We're fortunate ,you see
To have loved our best freind
So reminisce with me
And be grateful for our past
Be at peace with me
If this day should be our last

Lyrics David Charles & Hank Thomas Music David Charles
Producer David Charles Performance David Charles
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