Water Lily lake.

Story Behind The Song

a story in song with lots of surprises and humor

Song Length 5:01 Genre Electronic - Electronica, Spoken Word - Humor
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Language English
Era 2000 and later


Water Lilly Lake

The loons call me to an ancient adventure
as loons have called endlessly before in the past
On a late Summer night, quite balmy, half baked
as I perched in contentment by one of my favorite lakes
a lake graced by water lilies bobbing over its surface
as the frogs, all sing lullabies, in deep bass toned dirges,
all alone, nothing near me, except perhaps a wild bear
but my huge campfire hisses and crackles "Beware."
and there's something in my cup that is quite strong enough
to kill anything alive ....well almost anything
some cold, liquid warmth that builds a man's courage
in a wilderness stretch where such wild beasts can flourish.
and so I commune with the handiwork of God
Just me and my drink and my fly fishing rod
as I watch the smooth shallows for any big trout out spotting
all those juicy last insects, before Autumn's cold's gott 'em

Suddenly a huge trout rises up with a splash
attracted by my artificial sustenance flashed
and he becomes as hooked to fly fishing as I choose to be
and a battle ensues fought by two eagerly....
that trout twisting and churning, fighting hard to break free
while I'm resisting and yearning for a free meal for me.
soon enough he is netted and my appetite's whetted
soon enough he'll be breaded and to my table headed
as he goes in my pail holding just enough water
to keep him hardy and hale.
"Oh, how I love those Trout dinners
my mouth is watering with expectations."
so then I cast out some more, for there's trout here...galore
and my face wears a grin on the edge of that shore
there's a whole of rapture in the thrill of the capture
for a two-legged, fly fishing, male carnivore
My persistence pays off with six more to my credit
seven cleaned and tucked snugly in my cooler embedded
so it's back I'll be headed to the cabin I've rented
but my packing is disrupted by a noise that's erupted
a large rustling of bushes as a huge black bear pushes
his nose through the bramble as I jump up and scramble
towards my car parked nearby, locked in his hungry eyes.
He's back thirty feet further and my fire for sure
has him just a bit wary but my fish are his lure
so I toss all my gear in my car still unclear
whether he might just come roaring right over here
so I reach in the cooler with reluctance and grab
two of my fresh-caught trout that I'd managed to nab
and I cast them right toward him, one more form of fresh bait
to keep me from becoming the next thing that he ate.
slamming my driver's door, somewhat safely inside
as he crept even closer, it was time for a ride.
and as I pulled away I could see his head bent
and his jaws chomping down on the trout I had lent.
"Damn bear, Go on get outta here, fat chance! Oh, Well
there is always tomorrow, There's a lot more fish in the sea
as my momma told me,

They say "Don't feed the bears."But if you're on the menu
You'd best throw him a feast or his teeth just might end you/
On a late Summer night, quite balmy, half baked
as you perch in contentment by one of your favorite lakes.

"I enjoyed every second, I loved every minute,
from my very first cast to my battle with a bear,
as I got away fast.........Such is life!"

Music created, played and arranged by-
Ingvar Tautra-©-2019
Vocals, lyrics, and melody line by-
Matthew Frederick Blowers III-©-2019

Lyrics Matthew F. Blowers III Music Ingvar Tautra
Performance Ingvar Tautra & matthew F. Blowers III
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