Sunsets Are Not Eternal

Story Behind The Song

it started with an instrumental with no story so I wrote one for it.

Song Length 5:48 Genre Electronic - Electronica, Spoken Word - Poetry
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Sky, Age, Aging
Language English


Sunsets Are Not Eternal.

Sunsets are not eternal
there is always a dawn
even in the cataclysmic
volcanic, eruptions of black ash
in prehistoric times
dawns were dark
but never really gone
even through the ice age
when clouds blocked out the sun
eventually time turned the page
and turned the sun back on.

Leaving sunsets temporal once more....
a bookmark n time is all they're for.

Life is not eternal
in the flesh coat we all wear
Death is a sunset that takes our souls
stealing future dawns we'd share
but we'll fly out of its sunsets
with our final breath of air
and though death is eternal
we will not be nocturnal
our souls will go into a tunnel of white
that will lead us to heavenly sights
where God's Judgment will choose
the next path we are due
damnation or eternal life.

Just like our birth's begin
from a tunnel of light.
as we're pushed from an inky womb
to where we are granted
only so many sunsets
till we're laid out in our tombs

So embrace the light
through all of your days
and cherish the beauty of....
each sunset that nightly comes your way
in the orange and red skies up above.

And never allow the sun to set
on your passions and your dreams
strive hard every day that you will get
life is shorter than it seems

God put the signs of day and night
sunrises and sunsets
high n the skies to catch our eyes
so that we would not forget

That we are granted measured time
to love and grow and learn
till in our final sunset we will fly
to the places we have earned

Some will never leave the darkness
they'll be banished from all light
and they'll wallow in pits of despair
wishing they had done things right.

So we must treat every sunrise
and each sunset with great care
extended to our fellowmen
We were given love to share,
if you hate you'd best "beware!!"

Music -created, played and arranged
by Ingvar Tautra--©-2019
Vocals & lyrics by-
Matthew F. Blowers III

Lyrics Matthew F. Blowers III Music Ingvar Tautra
Performance Ingvar Tautra & M.F. Blowers III
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