It's Raining Under My Umbrella.

Story Behind The Song

an instrumental with added vocals and lyrics

Song Length 6:08 Genre Electronic - Electronica, Pop - Electro
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Subject Loneliness
Language English Era 2000 and later


A great story about a man who forsakes love
and realizes life without it is worthless.

There's a black cloud that's been following me
overshadowing dreams I can't set free
I was never really an unlucky guy
but it just appeared one day above my head
and it won't go away no matter what I try....

And I just can't seem to shake it
there's no sunshine that can break it
into clearer skies
and it rains on me much like tears that fall
Though I was never one to cry
because before it came I had it all
and it's left me wondering Why??
But now I'm a wiser guy
and I will now give love a try
but perhaps one of the reasons
I'm stuck in endless rainy seasons
is that I have been without love
for far too long, Just stumbling along
under its ebony halo and feeling way too low
Way too low.....

Once I had a girl I loved and cherished
but like all my other loves it perished
and I grew tired of that game
that would always end the same.
always end the same

But the absence of life's greatest gift
can wear and tear and leave a rift
in the heaven that true love once brought
bringing sorrowful lessons
all those unloved are taught
new love must be sought
or your life will remain fraught
with a black cloud that will blot
all that holds beauty from what's not
In any way beauty--FOOL!!!

I need to welcome a new love into my life
and tell it "Hello!" Hello! Hello."
then that black cloud that's been following me
overshadowing dreams I can't set free
might just disappear and never be
I wish that could be reality
I wish that could be reality....

It's raining under my umbrella
and it's cold and wet I'll tell ya,
cause it's made from all my fondest memories
when I was a happy fella
but the shelter of a love that's gone
is as waterproof as Jello!
we'll just have to wait and see
it's all up to me
it's all up to me
perhaps that black cloud
will find someone else
who is lost within themself
as I place my worn out Bumbershoot
on that lonely shelf from whence, it came
when my living without love it was too blame.
when my living without love it was too blame.

Yes I'm a wiser guy
and it's long past time I try
to find a love that will satisfy
and keep me dry
and sheltered
from the rain
under my umbrella
and just being a lonely fella.

Is there anybody out there??
Is there anybody out there???
with an umbrella, they can share
that doesn't leak sorrow
on all my tomorrows
it's more than I can bear
Is there anybody out there
to chase that black cloud
that's been following me
away from my heart and soul for eternity
for eternity.......................

Music created, played and arranged by
Ingvar Tautra-(c)-2019
Vocals, lyrics & Melody line by
Matthew F. Blowers III-(c)-2019

Lyrics Matthew F. Blowers III Music Ingvar Tautra
Performance Ingvar Tautra & matthew F. Blowers III
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