Gazing @ Stars

Story Behind The Song

I walk every night, gazing at the stars and seeing deeper into the sky sends a tremendous calm through me that everything is as it is suppose to be.

Song Description

Gazing at the infinite space, walking, contemplating

Song Length 4:22 Genre Electronic - Ambient, Electronic - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Mood Serene, In High Spirits
Subject Infinity, Spirituality Similar Artists Patrick O'hearn, The Alan Parsons Project
Language No Language Era 2000 and later

The intro with the whispering definitely got me intrigued. It could have gone to a creepy vibe or techno. Great for background music in a documentary, sci-fi movie or even part of a relaxation CD compilation. Quite versatile. It really changes the feel when the piano comes in. Very interesting progression.

Vhee's music is very unique his sound selection and arrangements are energizing!

Hi , Really nice and Moving work , I enjoyed ...Like the dialogue betwwen Piano and E.Guitar and the Bass pattern , and good work on effects especially that starting one , surprising !

Wow! Gives me the chills. Love the guitar. Great motion picture potential. After listening to this song, the bar has definitely been raised on electronica. Nicely done!

It would make a good film soundtrack, I think. I imagined someone wandering, despondent, through dreary rain drenched streets at night in the middle of China Town.

Sounds like the guitar licks are a wonderful, arpeggiating sequence - kudos to the guitar player - nice work! There's a very unique sound developing with this group - look forward to new material by them.

love the vibe and structure of the song, kept me wanting to hear more. good arrangement and understanding of musicical themes.

I loved the sweeps through the the rythym of the song.

Music Ancient Glance Producer VShane
Publisher VShane Performance Ancient Glance
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