What a wonderful thing music is, and I'm so lucky to be able to take part in its creation.

I'm classically trained on the piano and self-taught on guitar. I've sung in choirs, composed popular songs, headed groups that performed in streets, coffee houses, clubs, and colleges, and am now focused on composing instrumental music for TV, advertising, and film productions.

Using ProTools,LogicPro, and Izotope for mixing and mastering, I've placed songs into music libraries such as Sonoton, PMG, The Guitar Library, Scorekeepers, and Music of the Sea, and am always looking for ways to get better, more creative, more compelling, and more useful.

Please, listen to my works and feel free to contact me with comments, ideas, or advice. Thanks!

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Top 10 charts:

ELECTRONIC:DISTORT - Electronic Industrial
LOST IN TIME - Electronic, Electronic Ambient and California top 10. LICENSED!
DON'T - Rock/New Wave
REEZ 9 - Electronic Experimental
AND THERE IT IS - Electronic Electronica
TRANCE-KNOCKKNOCK - Electronic Trance
WINTERS BLISS - Electronic Ambient
TRAPEZE WALTZ - Unique Soundtrack
FAREWELL MY LOVE - Classical Contemporary
DO YOU KNOW - Electronic Experimental
CATWALK - Electronic Ambient
AND SO IT GOES - Electronic Ambient

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Yuri composes production music for entertainment and advertising mediums.

Classically trained on the piano and self-taught on guitar, he spent his early years composing popular songs and performing in the streets, coffee houses, bars, clubs, and colleges of New York City.

When a career in music eluded him, he obtained a bachelors degree in Industrial Design from the renowned art and design university of Pratt Institute and gained 35 years of notable design experience with a wide spectrum of knowledge and depth as a visionary, strategist, developer, and implementor of products, graphics, displays, and retail environments.

Yuri continued to nurture his love for music during this time, composing instrumentals digitally and sharing them with friends and family. When it came time to close his design consulting business, he decided to focus on two things: composing music professionally and helping people in need.

He is currently composing music full time and is licensed as a vocational nurse to help out at his neighborhood hospital in his spare time.


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Abram Band
over 30 days ago to Yuri

Yurt, I Have, is just loving and so true.
Love is everything.well done, bravo!

2 Replies
over 30 days ago

Thanks, Abram!

over 30 days ago

Thank you!

EverAfter Music
over 30 days ago to Yuri

The mix was really good. The percussion was very inventive. Are you still involved with her?

EverAfter Music
over 30 days ago to Yuri

I thought the key change toward the end of the piece was a nice touch.

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