Your Train Has Already Left

Song Length 3:38 Genre Pop - Rock


Verse 1

Your train is leaving
Go get on board
Your heart is bleeding
Hear the whistle blow
Now there's no may be
cause there's no time
cause the train is leaving
don't stay behind


Don't throw your whole life awa-ay
Too bad you don't have one more day
Train is leaving.... you gotta run, now it's oh
Ouuoh ouu its too laaaaaaaaaaate

Verse 2

Your train is gone now
You lost your chance
Now all you got is
Memories of romance
You got your baby
but the dream is gone
cause the train is travelin'
it's moving on


You threw your whole life awa-ay
Too bad you didn't have one more day
The train is chuggin' ... too late to run now it's oh
Ouuoh, ouu its too laaaaaaaaaaate

Lyrics Timothy Dark Music Aleksandr Chazov
Producer Aleksandr Chazov

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