Just Forget

Song Length 3:57 Genre R & B - Soul, Pop - Classic


Verse 1

Please do not look at me that way.
I don?t know what else I can say.
You once loved me with everything you had.

Now the heart you had has left you.
I don?t know what else I?m to do.
Will no longer let you make me sad.


You had caught my lonely heart
But then you tore it apart.
It?s unbearable I know
Now I have to let you go.
Trusted you with my own heart
But then you tore it apart.
So I hope you?re not upset
When I tell you, just forget,
Just forget about me.
Just forget about me.

Verse 2

Please see why I?m letting you go.
You do not think of me I know.
Will no longer let you make me cry.

You don?t hold me like you used to.
You don?t love me and that is true.
Please go your way so I can go mine.

CHORUS (Repeat)

Lyrics Steve Morgenthaler Music Aleksandr Chazov
Producer Aleksandr Chazov

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