Knock Knock

Song Length 3:44 Genre R & B - Contemporary, Pop - Standards


verse 1

I built up a wall
And I locked the door
Nobody can walk into my heart now
My soul is at peace
I don't need you here
Why then every time you magically appear?

verse 2

Image of your eyes
Brings back memories
Late at night I see you in my dreams but
There is no way in
Cause the door is locked
You don?t have a key to get into my heart

chorus 1

Knock Knock!
You are at my door
I look outside yet I see
There is no one there
Knock Knock!
You are at my heart
I won?t let you in
But again
I can hear you knocking

verse 3

When I?m all alone
I can feel you near
Followed by your shadow everywhere
I still hear you voice
I still feel your touch
Tell me why you have to torture me so much?

chorus 2

Let go
And don?t even try
Don?t knock on the door to my heart
It?s forever locked up

And more:
I won?t change my mind
There?s nothing you can say or do
You just have to give up


chorus 1&2

Lyrics Aleksandr Chazov and Nadia Kay Music Aleksandr Chazov
Producer Aleksandr Chazov
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