Colorado's #1 Classical Guitarist. With 25 years of study and performance Darren Curtis Skanson is a musical force that is rising. He reached #8 and #11 on the Billboard's Top Classical Chart . His original composition "Rondo For Michael" was the #6 most requested selection on the most listened to radio station in the world, Beethoven Radio. He has sold 100,000 copies of his music.
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all of a sudden, I truly don't mind Christmas Music is being made and played in November. wonderful production, Master Skanson (and, then some)

over 30 days ago to Darren Curtis Skanson

Just listened to your Minuet (Savannah). Lovely and sweet.

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Darren Curtis Skanson
over 30 days ago

Hey KMB, thanks for the kind comment. Really liked your song for that submission as well. Nice production!

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