Welcome to Blue Ink Music! I'm Nicole. Feel free to listen to the music on my page and/or drop me a line or two!

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First up is Nicole's astonishingly beautiful voice, which captivates with ease, and leaves listeners smitten in its powerful wake. Nicole has never been one for the strident, at times overbearing vocals beloved by so many: Her performances more than reveals, Nicole uses her voice at times sparingly, often with a slightly breathless edge, and always plump with just enough emotion to talk directly into the heart of anyone in hearing range. Next is Nicole's gift of composing, producing and vocal arranging. When performing, Nicole is known to dominate a stage with the ease of an individual born to entertain-which is slowly but steadily dominating the American and European music scenes. Her way with a song is beyond words. Nicole is the name to look out for.

-Yammie Johns, INNERviews Nottingham, East United Kingdom


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