Still working on the page as well as music but here is a small sample of what is happening here hope you all like...

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Well I am Currently the MD(Musical Director) for X-Man,and he and I run a small indie Label named "CyberStreet Records Inc."we currently can be found in the lab working on my forth-coming first album "36 Black,52 White" so be on the look out for it. I am Classically trained pianist and have been playing keyboard for 39 years now.I really enjoy what i do and when i make it, i am going to show the entire world that God's Gift he blessed me with was'nt wasted.

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Born in Los Angeles California

Musical influences: Prince, R. Kelly, Ne-yo, Joe Sample, Brian Culbertson, Liberace, Beethoven and all others who have been blessed to
Play the piano.

Born in Los Angeles, Shade was raised in South Central L.A and received his musical training under the instruction of the California Music teacher's Association.

Shade has been playing piano and synthesizer's for 41 years and is classically trained, listening to all forms of music from classical to hard rock to R&B.
Shade is a rising producer, artist and composer who have a style all his own and is the architect of what is now known as "Neo-Jazz" a blend of Neo-Soul and Jazz.

"It has been a journey, but no journey is worth it without the struggle so you can grow."

"Neo-Jazz is a combination of Neo-Soul and jazz fused together to make a blend of R&B that hopefully is just a little different from its original forefather which is R&B Soul."

"Working on my first CD is a dream, and the culmination of a lifetime of work, feelings and emotions and life-experience's. To God be all the glory and praise for it is only with him and his gift that I am."

Learning from his uncle, Grammy Award Winning producer James Carmichael at an early age, Shade watched and learned the ropes of music arranging and composition as his uncle worked with such artists as The Jackson Five, The Commodores, Atlantic Starr, and Lionel Ritchie, Playing keyboard came as second nature to him as he started at the tender age of 2.

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