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Here Is the Neo Funk Formula For Funk success! (c)
Neo (divided by Funk) = Critical Exponent + Rhythm, times, (M) artist,+[technology to the 10th power -Confussion<>1]+Old soul,+R&B@ 33,1/3 %,+Rap x HipHop@ 33,1/3%,to the second Power,divided by Urban smooth,Slowjam Fun! Do The Math!

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New Cd Released 9/30/06

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First let me say that I have loved this music thing since birth! With that in mind I get these little inspirations that wake me from my sleep, sometimes two or three in the morning! I write down my idea and never try any editing until mid-day when everything is working together for the common goal of I. Growing up in the 70s ,80s and 90s allowed me to have quite the love for all music, with no genre ristrictions. So that would let a person know that I am the hienz 57 sauce on this musical Filet Mignon!
No matter how you slice it, it funks the same tasty funk! My friends sometimes don't groove with me on some of my tracks, but I don't mind being different for my souls sake!
You see if I didn't do this I would have to sssssssssssssssssssshrivle up and die! So if you have read this far, notice that when you listen to the music I make, I have fun doing it! There is no point, if it is not absolutely enjoyable! Thank you for your interest in what we do here at the Ethnic Dive Music Family!
Your Funk provider - Naldo Keith!
Come funk with Me!
And real soul music is coming back with it's true funk roots!


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over 30 days ago to Ethnic Dive Music

hello Ethnic Dive im back check out my new single "Keep it on da low"

over 30 days ago to Ethnic Dive Music

What's going on? I like your sound, in fact I'm starting a radio podcast and the base of my music is indie artist that is trying to get their music hear. To start out I will be doing an hour broadcast with interviews and I would like to use some of your music during my rotation. If you see this to be a good opportunity for yourself I will get you a form to fill out that will ensure that your music will only be used by GetBigRadio for broadcasting purposes. I see this as being a perfect way to get your music advertised for free and it continues to allow me to do my what I love to do. I hope to hear from you soon. I can be contacted at

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