Scott Jackson, a singer-songwriter in Vancouver, BC, takes the mirrors down from the walls in his songwriting, exposing his inner soul, at times, while delivering a dynamic score of roots rock music with a universal theme.
With his latest CD, 'Distractions', Scott Jackson is determined to take you on a musical ride with songs like 'Dream', (written as a eulogy for the loss of his brother-in-law in a tragic drowning) to the lively and hooky hit single 'Come On, Come On', Radio Mike describes Jackson’s songs as “filled with gushing melodies of Alt-Country Pop and things that are the best in music.”
From the platform of the full rock ensemble to the intimate simple acoustic presentation, Jackson’s live performances have impressed audiences of all ages. It 's not only the memorable and timeless quality in his writing that people are coming to hear, but also his impeccable, soulful vocal delivery, reminiscent of Bono from U2, which puts people in the seats.
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