Sarah Petrella

I grew up on the warm sunny beaches of Southern California, and have been fortunate to have been introduced to music at a very young age. When I was six years old my dad would sit me and my younger sister down with his guitar and say "Let's write a song!" That's when our first original song "Recess" was written. We recorded it and everything, I thought it was the coolest thing ever! After that I wanted to just perform as much as I could, I was a part of all the children's theaters in San Diego and did every show possible. Soon became part of a country trio called "Most Wanted". We won the California CMA's youth competition for our age group. When I was 15, I was very much inspired by Country music. Flew out to Nashville, co-wrote some originals with amazingly talented musicians and Don Goodman, and made my first solo demo. Since then I focused on musical theatre and after performing professionally in California, decided to pack up and move to the Big Apple.

This year I was introduced to music producer Geza "X" Gedeon, known for his movement with the early California punk bands and producing Meredith Brooks' "Bitch" which spent 30 weeks on Billboard Hot 100. We talked to each other about a new project and I expressed to him the sounds that I was looking for and what I was hoping to accomplish. He encouraged me to keep writing my own songs. I came back to him with 2 originals that we are now using on the EP, "Summer". I have always had a lot of passion for 90s rock bands, and came up with the idea to cover Pearl Jam's "Daughter" in a more rootsy, pop americana vibe.
This year, writing these songs has really allowed me to release a lot of feelings I have been keeping inside me for so long. Here I am, completely grateful to have been so blessed to have had music there for me when I needed it. My dream is to keep writing and singing for as long as I possibly can and hopefully inspire others to do the same. Its a magical world.


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great performance!

Jamie Holden
over 30 days ago to Sarah Petrella

good luck

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Sarah Petrella
over 30 days ago

Thank you Jamie ! Haven't been on here much. Been working on some new songs in the studio. Good luck to you too !!

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