Sam Sallon's debut album, One For The Road, was released in September 2013, featuring guest performances from some of Sallon's favourite artists including Kami Thompson, Paul Wassif and Neil Cowley. The album was lovingly produced by David Watson at Metropolis Studios and mixed by Jim Lowe.

Sam has paid his dues and earned his live reputation on tour with the likes of Pete Doherty, Nouvelle Vague, Dot Allison, Rodrigo y Gabriela and Lyle Lovett. He is based in London.
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over 30 days ago to Sam Sallon

i feal the same way sam good job did you nowe you are a medieome age soul were the ons that bring art and musick to life thanks agin good job mate

Nick Fuse
over 30 days ago to Sam Sallon

Sam, Too Young to Know is chillingly, hauntingly beautiful. Yes, I have wounds, they have made me a Good Man down a hard road. Sending you a Friend request to help get your plays up.

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Sam Sallon
over 30 days ago

Thanks Nick. Thank you for listening. Please find my page on facebook and spread the word. Help is greatly appreciated

Derrick Procell
over 30 days ago to Sam Sallon

Sam.. thanks for taking the time to write such a comprehensive review of my song MAYBE NEXT TIME. You're pretty right on most all counts.. although I'd argue that most pop songs aren't that original by their very nature. This song is almost 20 years old and was done merely as a song demo.... never been recorded or enhanced since then. I'm not really even sure why it's still up on broadjam!!
Best of luck to you in your musical endeavors.

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