Sebastian Fasano (Sam) is an award-winning songwriter who crafts incredibly powerful lyrics.


Two of his songs, Come As You Are, and Cedar of Lebanon, both received air play in Arizona. Cedar of Lebanon ( 2004 winner of the VH-1 Save the Music Foundation's Song of the Year contest) and Come As You Are were both cut by New Earth, a defunct gospel band from the mid 80's.

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Kiss The Kids Goodnight (Just Not Fair)

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Gods of Music review

Most songs dealing with war tend to insert themselves into a particular time and place. Mr. Fasano has managed to avoid that trap with this song. The lines from the chorus transcend every war, and every generation, as is demonstrated by some of the lyrics from the chorus:

‘It’s just not fair, it’s just not right,
To never kiss your kids good night.
Just image for a minute that you have no right
To hold your own children anymore.’

From a technical perspective also, this is a well-crafted song. The production values show a lot of care and attention to detail, and the recording is first-rate.

You really need to listen to this song a few times and let the message settle in. I think that you will be coming back for more music from this artist.

Bill Wright

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Hi, how are you? You got an amazing voice, your tone is astonishing. Email any of your release an mp3 file to for Airplay.
Best regards

1 Replies
Sebastian Fasano III (Sam)
over 30 days ago

Hello Martin, I'm great! How are you? Please forgive my delay in getting back to you. I have only just recently, began working on my Broadjam page and I had no idea I had a message. I can't thank you enough for your kind words, I really appreciate them. Do you only want new recordings? I have more songs on Broadjam but I'm not sure if you've heard them or not. Either way, Martin, I'm grateful to you.
My best, Sam

I really like this song. The lyrics and the instrumental play and melody really sing. My only critique is that the volume of the drums with reference to placement in the song feels too loud.

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Sebastian Fasano III (Sam)
over 30 days ago

Hi Marie, Thank you for liking my song. I'm so glad. You're right about the drum volume. I'm currently looking for serious players in Colorado to jam and record with. I'll post the new stuff soon. Kind of thinking about an unplugged version.


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Sebastian Fasano III (Sam)
over 30 days ago

Hi Gary, I know it's been a while since you posted this. I'm just seeing it now. I appreciate your kind words!!!

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