Ronnie Presley is a southern man from Arkansas. His musical roots run deep with blues, rock and
country in his blood. A distant relative to the king Elvis Presley, is just one reason why he feels a need of high importance to his music. He started playing guitar at age 11, but
it wasn't until he reached 16 years of age that he played and sang in a bar for the first time. Now pushing the 50 mark he's driven by his own songwriting abilities. His writing reflects on family, friends, hard times, love and losses of spirits within the south. As a bricklayer's son with his mother's looks and a brother to 6 other siblings, he's had a hard working home and family to grow up with. He now installs floor covering to help him support his music endeavors after working in the oil fields out in Texas for 4 years. After paying his dues in the bars and honky tonks throuhout Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma for 35 years, his lifelong dream is to be a singer/songwriter. Ronnie has finally come full circle.

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Ronnie Presley writes about deep subject matters that are close to the heart, touches a nerve, sends a chill, or creates laughter. All the emotions of the human spirit can be reflected in his songs.

Living in a small town all his life, he has been touched by the lives of the common man and woman. He has these people and their lives, as much as his own, to draw upon. If 35 years of singing and performing all over Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma have taught him anything, it?s the music in which we all live through.

Growing up not that far away from Dyess, Arkansas where Johnny Cash once lived and with Presley in his blood, you could say he was born with it or has actually lived it. The heart and soul felt emotions that are found in his music are much like the experiences that he, his family and neighbors have lived. The old houses, fields, farms, gravel roads, and southern spirits are a few of the backdrops for the inspirations.

Losses of loved ones can be remembered or relived through these songs of blues and country flavored lyrics. Writing a song seems to be the perfect remedy for forgiveness. You have to shed a tear or laugh to know if it?s good songwriting.

Caraway Arkansas is now smaller but there used to be a Tastee-Freeze, a dry goods store, and a crawdad hole to fish out of. The old Western Auto store is still there, and his first guitar came from there. It was a sixteen dollar TrueTone but to him it was much more, it was a serious hobby and fixation. A new guitar and sixteen year old kid in his first bar sure felt right for the times.

After years of playing in cover bands, in 2005 he ventured out on his own to pursue singing and songwriting as the dream he has always had. These days he writes about the past and present as seen through a much older, mature vision. This music is a testament for what is yet to be heard from the singer/songwriter. Stories of the south, its bars, places, people and religion can be found all throughout his music.

Ronnie Presley is just a simple man with love and respect for his common and not so common, fellow friends and neighbors. You could just blink an eye and miss Caraway, but he?ll still be rockin?. He may just be in an old rocking chair with an acoustic guitar, pencil and paper, but there?s more to his story, we?re sure of that.

Ronnie Presley
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