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Rohail Hyatt was a founding member of the Vital Signs, the leading pop band of Pakistan for a decade. He was an integral part of the internal creative core and the entire management wing of the band. Together the Signs produced four albums and were under contract with Pepsi Cola from 1991-1997. Rohail played the role of band member, producer, song-writer, guitarist, keyboardist and manager at different times of the bands history. Vital Signs first hit 'Dil Dil Pakistan' was voted the 3rd most popular song in the world by a poll carried out by BBC World.

Since the Vital Signs disbanded ten years ago, Rohail's personal portfolio has grown in leaps and bounds. As the CEO of Pyramid Productions, Rohail made his mark on the production industry in Pakistan. His reputation for excellence and his personal relationship with Pepsi Cola International grew with television shows like Pepsi Inside Edge - for cricket fans, and the local talent hunt, Pepsi Battle of the Bands. His credibility as a highly creative producer, with an unrivaled reputation for quality, extended to a range of multinational clients from Levers, Nestle, Citibank and Benson and Hedges to local giants like Rafhan and Habib Bank.

Universally credited with the success of the Vital Signs and long considered a legend in the local music industry, Rohail's inherent love of music never left him and in 2003 he returned to his first calling, producing an album featuring Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, nephew of the legendary Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. A number one hit in India ensued, bringing Rohail back into the limelight and re-establishing him as a viable force.

Although Rohail is elusive and very selective about the artists that he produces he is, today, without doubt, the most sought-after music producer in the country. He has worked with unique and startling effect with some of the musical greats in the country such as Ustaad Saami and Ustaad Fareed Ayaz as well as lending his name, reputation and expertise to newcomers in whom he saw the potential to challenge and extend the range of contemporary musical standards. His ties with record labels such as the HMV, Sony BMG and the local label Fire Records provide him with a stable outlet for his productions. He is currently working on three albums that are slated for release later this year.

Rohail has again made waves with his inimitable film score for Shoaib Mansoor's debut film "In the Name of God". The score adds a dimension of deeper emotion to this highly controversial and much publicized movie and places Rohail Hyatt in the enviable position of being the individual who has it within his power to change the Pakistani music industry - once again.

Throughout his career Rohail has proven that he has the instinct, the knowledge and the ability to tap into the tastes, the vibe and the mood of the public. It is this very ability, paired with his years of experience in the world of advertising that makes him the first choice for companies looking for a reliable and effective music consultant. Rohail is currently Coca Cola's music consultant in Pakistan.


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