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Mick Coste co-founded Project Artifact back in 1999 with guitarist Erik Ryfa, as a means to write and record the type of music that we grew up listening to. We were both involved in regular gigging bands, have homes, families, day jobs and the usual day to day stuff, so needless to say we didn't have as much time to put into the project as we would have liked. This brand of music is not what you would call simple groove stuff either, and can be intricate and complex, which is one of the main things we love about it. We were just getting introduced to the world of computer software based recording at the time, so there was a huge learning curve and some hard learned lessons in technology ahead of us, more than would ever guess or ever welcome. All of this along with a continuous stream of scheduling setbacks, caused the project to last as long as it has. All of that being said, we hope that the material proves to be "worth the wait".
Harry Lawton joined us on keyboards for the early development of the project, then was forced by his schedule to take a back seat, while bassist Michael Geiser joined in with the writing process and would become a major force in recording and completing the project. Later his wife, vocalist Norma Geiser would join in as well, giving a new polished sounding vocal element of the material. Additional tracking on keyboards would be provided by Jim Cribby. This has been a tedeous yet self satisfying experience for us, and we hope you enjoy listening to the music that is such a big part of us.

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