This music is different - written in response to the Sprit's leading only - unforgettable and beautiful.
This message is different - a psychologist's rich interpretations of scripture and wise observations of life, people, self.
This band is different -- different generations, different cultures, different cities, different professions (a psychologist and an engineer?!), different traditions (social justice activism and charismatic gifting).
This project is different - based on prayer, waiting, and radical trust.
The result is: deep lyrics, gorgeous chords, unique vocals, intricate keys, enchanting flute, and luscious cello lines. John and Andrea met up in the unlikely venue of Craigslist and became a powerful writing duo. Andrea's voice has been called "unique" and "special". John has crazy piano skills--a musician's musician. The lyrics are deep and poetic; our songwriting has jumped out and caught the attention of experienced industry people.


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Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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