The power and excitement of Rock and the flavor of Country.

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Plenty is Michael and Matthew Thomas.

Twin brothers and life-long musicians, the two draw on a diverse list of influences to create their "Country- Muscle" sound and style.

With the power of Rock and the flavor of Country, their unique and instantly recognizable musical voice is a fresh breath of fun and excitement that separates Plenty from the pack of new artists unleashed this year.

"Our songs don't trigger the same introspective emotional response that you get from masterpieces like "Live like you were Dying" or "There goes my Life". "Those songs are like fine wine, cultured and mature."

"We're like the draft beer that you gulp down, raise in the air, or pour on your buddy's head!"

"And hey, a lot of people love beer..."

" We say, "Let's party, let's have a good time." "We want to rock-out, rip it up, and give people something to get excited about."

So come along now, it's time to be reminded that music is a celebration...

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