Nothin' But Trouble

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Our own kids!

Song Description

A wild child gets his just reward. How past becomes prologue.

Song Length 3:12 Genre Country - Rock, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Amiable, Content Subject Baby, Children, Fun
Similar Artists Garth Brooks, Poison Language English
Era 2000 and later


Nothin' But Trouble

I was back of the bus, not head of the class
Call me the teachers pet, you can kiss my a**
Soon as recess came, my feet hit the floor
I saw the teacher shake her head as I walked through the door, She Said...


That boy ain't nothin' but trouble
He won't amount to a hill of rubble
Don't mean to be the one to burst your bubble
But, man, that boy ain't nothin'... but trouble!

Mary-Lou was the Prom Queen, she was a sight
I snuck her out her bedroom window last Saturday night
When I dropped her off later 'bout a quarter to five
I could hear her Daddy screamin' as I pulled out the drive, He said...



The day I left home, Daddy pulled me aside
He said, "Raisin' you, boy, been a hell of a of a ride"
"Son , this ain't a curse, but this much is true,"
"Someday you'll have a boy who'll be just like you..."

Now I'm a grown man, every wild seed sown
Got a beautiful wife, and a boy of my own
He's a wild one, with one thick hide
And everybody says he gets it from his father's side, they say...


Lyrics M. Thomas / M. Thomas Music M. Thomas / M. Thomas
Producer Plenty Publisher Plenty
Performance Plenty Label Plenty

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